Meet The IBGC


Allisa Nadia, CEO
Alias: Nadia or Nadi
Twitter @Nadibadgal
Danish, West Indian,
Puerto Rican and Irish descent;
born in the US Virgin Islands

The IBGC DC Management Team

As CEO of the IBGC, Nadia’s goal is to not only lead but continue building a team of intelligent, professional, driven young ladies that play a pivotal role in the expansion of the IBGC worldwide. Currently, the IBGC has two chapters (DC and CA) and Nadia hopes that with strong leadership “we will be able to add at least three more by the end of 2011!” Nadia’s life goal is to “be the best me that I can be!” Alongside her IBGC affiliation she is also the Public Relations Specialist to World Champion Paul Williams, Community Relations Coordinator for Avail Apparel and Manager of the blog talk radio duo BoiYouStoopid.

Nadia enjoys watching boxing and basketball and is a die-hard Celtics and Redskins fan! She also enjoys Greek mythology, True Blood, and shopping.

To me, being a Bad Girl means.....”Don’t take $h!t"

“A bad girl is a strong woman with the drive and attitude.  Real bad girls can achieve anything! I almost forgot “OWWWWWW!”- Nadia

Shar’ron Antoinette
Chief Branding Officer
Alias: PRettyGyrl
Twitter: @PRettygyrlPR
Black "And sooo East Coast"
Originally from Philly, Shar’ron Antoinette is the Chief Branding Officer (CBO) for the IBGC. As CBO, her primary responsibility is to manage communications as well as the image of the IBGC. Additonally, she is the CEO of PrettyGyrl Public Relations (PGPR) and Founder/Chief Editor of
Shar’ron enjoys volunteering within the HIV community, traveling, museums, attending networking events and socializing with “the up and coming.”

To me, being a Bad Girl means.....Thinking BIG thoughts"

Toni C.
Dir. of Social Media/
 Executive Relations

Alias: Toni C
Twitter: @ToniC813
Dominican, Black

Toni is a Co-founder of The IBGC, Contributing Writer for Street Report Magazine,, Freelance blogger/writer and maintainer of The IBGC's Facebook & Twitter pages. Toni works with various media outlets and people in the DMV and beyond, helping them share their stories with the world. Toni's motto is “Live for today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn't promised.”
Toni loves writing, singing, dancing, and bringing people together in successful enterprises.

“To me, being a Bad Girl means.....Acting without Fear"

CFO, Chief
Alias: Miss Z
Twitter: @MissZTDH
 Black,  White

Miss Z is an integral part of the DMV music scene and has been supporting and promoting the DMV movement since 2004. “There is nothing I wouldn’t do to support the talent that we have in this area.” She’s proved that with her latest tattoos of autographs of some of the hottest names in the DMV. For the last three years, Mizz Z has managed promotion for Topp Dogg Hill “one of the biggest labels in the DMV” and now also Co-Manages one of Topp Dogg newest artist. To aid in her promotional efforts, in July of this year Z founded “Miss Z’s 411” an online blog dedicated to the DMV. Z’s goal is to start a management and a promotion company that will allow artists in the DMV to share their talents with the world!
“To me, being a Bad Girl means.....Fun. Friendships and Team"

Alias: Ambz
Twitter: @OMGitsAmby
 Black "And im back like I never left"

Amber is a freelance part-time model who works with artist projects such as video, interviews, print work, fashion shows, etc. Her goal is to network with the DMV and inform people about events that help support the community. Amber works closely with Creative Hysteria a photography company in the DMV.

“To me, being a Bad Girl means...Creating Greatness”

Alias: Candi
Twitter: @Sexxy_redzz
Black, Mexican, Yaqui Indian

Candice is a writer and a hardcore lover of music who wants to a photography company. Candice works as the Director/Secretary of Healing with heART which is a non-profit aimed at providing art classes to the less fortunate. To me, being a Bad Girl means..”Women with Goals"

Carrie is the Owner of TheB3VisionGroup an event planning company and she is the Creative Director of CC Talent Management. Carrie’s goal is to continue building her companies “so that they're even more successful, profitable and well known.” She plans to launch a new business venture in February of 2011.

“To me, being a Bad Girl means....Sisterhood, Business and Focused!"

Alias:Tee Tee
Twitter @LuvMii_MsTee21

TeeTee loves doing hair and is planning to attend cosmetology school! She’s determined to not just to work in a salon renting a booth forever and WILL one day have a salon of her own!
“To me, being a Bad Girl means being a ..Motivated, Confident Woman”