What is The IBGC?

The International Bad Girls Club (IBGC) is a team of professional women dedicated to encouraging personal development, entrepreneurship, financial fitness and contributing and contributing to our community. The IBGC is most known for our ability to bring the life to your party as well as our event planning, management and promotional skills.

The purpose of The IBGC is to helping women grow and achieve their dreams via “Metamorphosis,” the non-profit organization that houses the IBGC, which gives women in the DC area a unique opportunity to develop and be an asset to themselves and their community. Metamorphosis focuses on three main tracks:

• Personal Development
• Business Ownership
• Financial Fitness/Homeownership

The IBGC via “Metamorphosis” uses our business model within the business ownership track to help our members gain hands on experience in all aspects of running a business.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of The IBGC, we encourage you to send a letter of interest to request a member application to internationalbadgirls@gmail.com. The IBGC management team will review the application then determine next steps which most cases is a phone interview with the prospective member. Unfortunately, IBGC membership is limited to 30 highly dedicated, responsible, fun and driven ladies.

The IBGC membership requirements/expectations are as follows: All members are expected to give adequate time, positive energy and hard work. Although we play hard, we are committed to becoming better women and serving our communities. Memberships are reviewed on a quarterly basis based on the following: attendance at general body meetings (held on a monthly basis), community service event, ALL IBGC sponsored events, IBGC group workshops, promotion of events and any other responsibilities/tasks that you assume as a member/manager.

All members are expected to participate in a program track (listed above.) In order to match our offerings with the needs of our members, please be ready to discuss your personal/professional short and long term goals.